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Crime and Politics

We’ve seen many offensive criminal acts committed on the streets, in the homes, and on the property of businesses in our society and it appears that our government, President Barack Obama and the elected people in congress, are concerned with nothing more than illegally importing future voters to offer them job security.

While playing politics may be understandable, if sadly, that is your profession, there must be some consideration of the state of the nation at-large.the_white_house

On Main St, jobs are being shipped overseas, America is fast on its way to becoming a super-sized version of “Detroit”, and not a single damn is being given about the American people. The good news is that through all the hardship and challenges that come with being an a American people under attack by its own government, Texas stands as that beacon of light that can lead the nation back to prosperity leading to the reclamation of our moral standing in the world.

In Houston, there are a number of lawyers for felony cases that will vouch for the fact that they see more and more people, some guilty and some innocent, being accused of an ever increasing amount of heinous and gruesome crimes as a result of our society caving in on itself. With the increasing influence of the Mexican drug cartels on major cities in the south, this trend can be expected to continue to rise.

Drug Crimes

In a number of cases, aggravated criminal offenses involving violence occur in the drug under-culture of business, death, weapons, and people you might not want your 16 year old daughter going on her first date with. The truth of the matter is that a number of these people are the way they are due to the neglectful nature of the government in Washington D. C. as they attempt to take more and more control over our lives. Take the drug war for example, the government has taken control of that enterprise and we can see where it has led us. Down the path to societal destruction.

I don’t know what the solutions are for all the issues facing our people, but I do know the first step is to admit their is a problem.

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