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Ensuring Safety in Airports with Security Guards

Since the invention of the airplane, moving from one part of the world to the other has become easier as compared to the Vasco da Gama days when he had to rely on winds to sail. The invention of the airplanes resulted in the building of airports. Airports offer a ground for the planes to land, get serviced for subsequent flights and travelers to get cleared for flights.

When airports cross our minds, the first thing that will cross our minds is safety and security. We have heard stories or maybe been victims of airplane crashes or hijacking. There was a period when the U.S had to deal with over 120 hijackings in just 4 years. To millennials, this will sound like a joke, but it isn’t.

These hijackings are what made airports to take tight security measures. This includes the hiring of many airport security guard companies like Nationwide Investigations & Security, Inc.

What’s an Airport Security Guard?

This is a professional who is mandated to ensure the security and safety of travelers in the airport and also prevent any unexpected incidents from happening in and around the airport premises. Today, the demand for airport security officers is on the rise as a way to ensure that airports are safe around the clock.

Understanding Professional Security Guards

Airport security officers should portray several attributes. This is because they are in charge of the security operations of an airport and interacting with different types of passengers. A good airport security officer has the following characteristics;
• Strong interpersonal skills.
• Mental & physical alertness.
• Self-supervision ability.
• High Integrity.
• Teamwork.
• Communication skills.

Failure to possess such can lead to low ratings of an airport due to negative customer reviews and increase in security breaches in an airport.

Main Roles of Airport Security Guards

Ensure a safe environment.

Airport Security GuardsIt the role of an airport security guard to ensure that the airport is under surveillance 24/7. This is means that they have to make sure the CCTV cameras are working, and the data is appropriately stored in case there is an investigation due to a security concern. They also make sure that they carry out patrols on each section of the airport from the runway, fence, parking area, store, etc. When they spot something or suspicious activity, they are supposed to call in the police immediately.

Implementation of airport security measures.

There are those security measures by the Transport Security Administration (TSA) that ensure all airports are safe and secure for operation. It is the airport security officers who are mandated with the role of implementing these agreed-upon measures.

In summary, the airport guards are supposed to screen every passenger together with their baggage using the metal detectors and X-ray machines. They should also search the records for passengers in the “no flight list” using the face recognition system etc. In short the airport security officers make sure that all the TSA security standards are adhered to.

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