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Over Time, A Teenage Love Sours Into Divorce

Two Love Birds Run Away Together

Tabitha and Darrel were high school sweethearts from Houston, TX that met at a young age and fell in love. When Tabitha was only seventeen (and Darrel 19) the couple decided to run away from their parents’ house and their hometown together. They decided to spend a few months on the road and see the rest of the country. Their journey was fun but not long lasted as the two were not the best at being poor and homeless.

The Fun Had to Come To An End

The couple had their reign of fun and freedom for about three months when they were forced to come crawling back to their family and the town they had grew up in. The two arrived at Tabitha’s parents’ house after being “missing in action” for over three months. Tabitha apologized to her parents for taking off so suddenly and asked that her parents let her and her boyfriend stay there for awhile.

Finally Home

Tabitha’s parents were not pleased with her recent poor decision making but took the couple in anyways. After the couple had got comfortable being back home for a couple days, they dropped the bomb to Tabitha’s parents that Tabitha (who was still only seventeen) was pregnant. Tabitha’s parents at first were very upset but then their attitudes changed to where they were more willing to help the new family instead of chastise them.

Tabitha’s New Baby

Tabitha’s parents let the couple and their newborn child stay with them for as long as they needed. A few months after the baby was born the new family found their own place and moved on with their own lives. The couple seemed happy at first, but many of the locals in their neighborhood in Houston thought that they had jumped into the whole family thing way too fast. The couple played off life as a happy family and even had a second child four years after they had their first and got married.

NCBI: Early Teen Marriage and Future Poverty

Tabitha & Darrel’s Relationship Deteriorate

As time went on the couple’s relationship seemed to get worse and worse. At one point Darrel cheated on Tabitha while their oldest son was staying in the same hotel room when he was about twelve years old! After this incident their relationship was never really the same ever again. The two decided to stay together more for the sake of their family than anything else. As any Houston child custody lawyer will tell you, if you can get along with the person, it’s probably cheaper and easier to stay together.

Years passed and as the couple’s kids got older the two seemed to be drawing further and further apart. It had got to the point where the couple was fighting ruthlessly with each other every day! Finally, after months of vicious couple battles the two decided to call it quits for good.

Darrel moved out of their family home and was staying with relatives when his mind must have slipped, throwing all rational thinking out of the window. He decided to make an unexpected visit to his old house where Tabitha was staying. He snuck into the house and started pinning through his ex-wife’s phone. According to Tabitha, she had just went on a date the day before and Darrel must have figured it out and let himself get thrown into an insane, jealous rage.

Asphyxiation Followed By Marital Rape

He woke up Tabitha by choking her then pulled her out of her bed and dragged her down the stairs halfway. He then began to violently rape his ex-wife for hours. By morning time Tabitha was able to calm her ex-husband rapist down just enough to give her the opportunity to sneak out.

She went immediately to the police station and told the officers what had happened. The Houston Police Department put out a search for awhile for Darrel until they were able to arrest him. The man was charged with rape and attempted murder and ended up getting sentenced to thirty years to life in prison.

Divorce Proceedings Follow

Shortly after the rape incident Tabitha quickly filed for divorce. She didn’t know however how much a task it would be to divorce an incarcerated man but she did not care. She knew that moving on was the key to her and her family’s happiness. Her lawyer was actually pleased that the man was in prison because supposedly it made the lawyer’s job much easier.

After more than six months the couple’s divorce was officially final. Tabitha quickly changed her name back to her maiden name. The next step was to petition for name change of the couple’s youngest son, which was quickly handled by Harris County.

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