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Signs that a Person is Driving Drunk

We can all be very responsible when we drive and this is a great thing to do, but that will only count for 40% of the possible issues that could occur on the road. The truth is that the actions of other drivers are just as important as your own, and they constitute another 40% of the responsibility. The remaining 20% is for mechanical issues in the vehicles that could cause accidents without warning.

Keeping Drunk Drivers Off Houston’s Streets

You can take a little more control of what happens on the road by learning to spot drunk drivers and doing society a favor and calling the police before someone gets hurt or killed. Drunk drivers usually stop abruptly at the street lights, they’ll cross from one lane to another (erratic lane changes) and they will also have trouble driving straight.

It’s Best to Not Be Killed Due to DWI

If you spot any of those things, you should keep your distance in order to avoid a collision, and consider contacting law enforcement. Any DWI defense lawyer in Houston will tell you that it’s better for that drunk driver to be arrested for DWI, rather than killed in a drunk driving car crash, or killing someone else via intoxication manslaughter. In Texas, that’s a serious felony offense, accident or not. So help us out, and do your part to keep drunk drivers off the road.

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