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State, Federal Law & Child Pornography Offenses

Facing charges of child pornography in Houston, Texas can sometimes be a challenging situation. In fact, it’s important to note that images of child pornography are classified as illegal contraband based on state laws. For those who are not aware, child pornography refers to any form of visual depiction that entails explicit sexual activities that involves anyone who is classified as a child. Legally, a child is anyone who falls below the age of 18. The child pornography refers to any form of material such as videos, photographs or any other form of content depicting a child in such a manner.

Important factors about child pornography Cases

There are various schools of thought that relate to the issue of child porn. The legal definition of sexually explicit content does not necessarily involve the child engaging in sexual activities. In fact, even a picture of a child naked might be regarded as a form of child pornography and is, therefore, a criminal charge. Besides that, the only legal age of consent that is accepted by the law is 18 years. Engaging with anyone under the stipulated age might face prison time

Besides that, the law of Texas also restricts the possession, use, production, and release of any content that relates to child pornography. In fact, Section 2251 of the constitution classifies that anyone who tries to convince, persuade, entire or force a minor to engage in such acts faces the same charges. Furthermore, anyone who tries to engage in possession of child pornography content is also subject to prosecution from the state. Such acts are classified as felonies and sex crimes as well. The federal law has serious punishments to match any such acts. Sex crimes are classified as serious crimes and can often attract jail time.

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A federal jurisdiction might be implicated if the child pornography activities had been performed on an interstate basis. This might entail using platforms such as U.S mails or common carriers to transport the child porn content across various borders. Furthermore, the federal jurisdiction is also applicable when the internet is used to commit any such acts that relate to child porn. This might include using media such a CD-ROMS and even flashdisks to share the content.

Besides that, the federal law also mentions that anyone who notices or comes across any such acts of child pornography to report to the authorities. Failure to do so might also be classified as a form of negligence, which is in some cases punishable by law.


Taking all things into perspective, child pornography charges can be challenging to address. However, if you have the appropriate representative, you can easily get the best outcomes from such charges. This means that you have to invest in a lawyer who is competent with such charges and the laws of the county as well. Such charges can tarnish your background and can even attract jail time. Therefore, its useful to invest in a good legal representative for your needs.

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