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Texas Private Investigators & Insurance Fraud

Insurance fraud costs the industry a lot of money every year and it can increase the cost of premiums for other customers. The argument that it is not a victimless crime is not really true. Insurance companies will do everything that they can to avoid paying a fraudulent claim and this may include hiring private detectives in Houston.

Private Investigators Help Fight Insurance Fraud

There are a number of ways that a private investigator may be able to help the insurance company if they suspect a claim may be fraudulent and this will depend on the type of claim that has been made. A lot of the work that they do is based around investigating claims that have been made on motor insurance.

Crash for Cash Investigations

There has been a growing trend in so called ‘crash for cash’ schemes. This is where a car will pull out suddenly in front of another so that the car behind runs into the back of it which in terms of insurance makes them at fault. The car that was hit is then able to claim money for the cost of the car and any injuries that have been said to have occurred to the occupants of the car.

The gangs that carry out these schemes are often very professional and they will use fake identities and different vehicles each time to avoid being detected. A private investigator may be able to find a link between the particular claim that they are investigating and other claims that have been made in the past which will prove that fraud has been carried out.

Surveillance of the so-called, “Injured”

A licensed Texas private investigator can also carry out surveillance of the person that is claiming to be injured. Very often in these types of schemes claims will be made for back and neck pain because this is very difficult to disprove. If the investigator is able to take photographic evidence of the claimant doing anything that their injuries should have stopped them from doing then this may be enough for the insurance company to be able to refuse the claim.

Most private investigators will be self employed and will carry out work for insurance companies alongside their other cases. However, some will actually be employed by insurance companies to work exclusively for them. There are advantages and disadvantages to both types of employment but the role of the private investigator is one that is both interesting and varied.

Texas Private Investigators & Insurance Fraud

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